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    Director/DP for this really fun two-parter.


    Phantom and Sarah are bound by fate and destiny, their lives intertwined like so many threads of garment. Their bond, like those that hold together the fabric of our universe, is eternal. Their tragedy, like that of so many fictional lovers, stems from the very thing that ties them together: their fiery hearts. And their love will echo down through the ages. The children of tomorrow will glance across at their torn and bankrupt world and know that once, long ago, two hearts pounded so fiercely for each other that their deafening beats drowned out all of the hatred in the world. They are two dancers on love’s stage. They are two streams that join to make a mighty river. And when some wandering rock tears through our sky and punches into our ground, sending a wall of fire racing across the face of the earth, obliterating all trace of mankind’s combined toil, the gods will smile because not all has been lost. For once, on this spinning blue marble, two wandering souls found each other and built an empire of love that no fire, no war, no catastrophe or circumstance could topple.

    Except one. 

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      Director/DP for this really fun two-parter.
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