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    Another excerpt of stupid shit I write

    Guy: I woke up in the absolute worst mood today. I found myself waking to the immediate desire of wishing I couldn't feel anything. I promised myself I wouldn't leave my apartment feeling bad, that I had to get it all out in there. I don't want to be another miserable person walking the streets of New York who has let their work, their relationships, their whole life get them to a point of complete unhappiness.

    Bartender: That's really fucking depressing.

    Guy: Well, it's not like I'm actually unhappy...I like what I do for work and I have a lot of friends. I's just that when you feel this way you find a need to share it, to let someone else hear it so that you feel ok. But when you're alone and you aren't quite sure how good those friendships are, you let that unhappiness grow and become a vacuum. You slowly let everything fall into the hole where you think happiness is supposed to be.

    Bartender: And that's why you're telling me...

    Guy: That and I'm drunk at 11am on a Tuesday.