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    Mountain Goats - Woke Up New (Directed by Rian Johnson) from rcjohnso on Vimeo.


    If you liked Looper you’ll probably enjoy Rian Johnson’s video for the Mountain Goat’s “Woke Up New”. This whole video was done practically without any green screen which is hard to believe at first glance. The amount of prep that they must have done to figure this whole thing out is just as amazing as the finished project. Here’s how he did it:

    I diagrammed out 8 layers of video on a timeline. We shot the first layer (of John’s face on the tv screen sitting on the floor) then took that tape and played it back on my TV, and shot the second layer. Then we took that tape and played it back, and shot the third. Basically we built it layer by layer, live, and by the end of the two day shoot we had our finished video.

    Sharp eyes will notice a few wonky match-dissolves. We discovered that once we were 8 layers deep (that is, shooting off a tv screen off a tv screen off a tv screen 8 times) the deepest layer was too muddy to see what was going on. So we used only 7 layers at the start, and transitioned to layer 8 when we needed it.

    I watched this video over and over again last night trying to figure out which camera/layer I was on and I still got turned around. Give it a watch, try to keep up and enjoy Rian Johnson’s brain.

    Wha….I just….I can’t….Rian Johnson everyone.

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      Wha….I just….I can’t….Rian Johnson everyone.
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