Fordham graduate, filmmaker, CollegeHumorist.
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    I like to act?

    The above statement is true; I really enjoy acting.  There are two main reasons I don’t do it much…

    1. Most people don’t know I have some background in acting.  Ya know, Shakespeare and musicals in high school, I’ve been making sketches with friends for about 8 years (on and off), and I have some improv experience.
    2. I truly feel bad advertising that I like to act when it isn’t my ultimate professional goal.  I know there are a lot of actors out there who do want to do it professionally and they should always get the first chance at it.  Always.

    THAT BEING SAID, I know sometimes that it’s tough to find people to be in your project.  So if you need someone, contact me!  You can even ask some people what they think of my “acting”.